Status condition


The flinch status is a one-turn status that prevents a Pokémon from attacking. A Pokémon can only flinch if its opponent attacks first.


The freeze condition causes a Pokémon to be unable to make a move. Damaging Fire-type moves used on a frozen Pokémon will remove the freeze status. Freeze has a random, 20% chance to be cured on its own on the frozen Pokémon’s turn.


The paralysis condition causes a Pokémon to be unable to attack (“fully paralyzed”) a quarter of the time. Additionally, its Speed is reduced to 25% of its previous value


The confused condition causes a Pokémon to hurt itself in its confusion 50% of the time. The damage is done as if the Pokémon attacked itself with a 40-power typeless physical attack. Confusion wears off after 1-4 attacking turns.


The burn condition halves damage dealt by a Pokémon’s physical moves. Additionally, at the end of a turn, the Pokémon loses 1/16 its maximum hit points.


A Pokémon that is asleep is immobilized and can not use moves.
Sleep lasts for a randomly chosen duration of 1 to 4.


The poison condition (PSN) causes a Pokémon to lose 1/16 of its maximum hit points every turn.
A poisoned Pokémon also loses 1 hit point for every four steps taken while not in battle.

Badly poisoned

The badly poisoned condition is caused by Toxic. It is the same as Poison except its damage begins at 1/16 and grows an additional 1/16 every turn.

Status condition

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